This blog is about links. Cultural links, language links and international links seen through current affairs and books. Here you find observations on non-Russians writing about Russia and Russians writing about others and about themselves.

Reviews, analysis and comment are all original content created by me, Alexander Anichkin, author and publisher of Tetradki. Quotations, photos and videos are attributed where possible. Please let me know if embedded videos or audioclips are disabled for any reason. I cannot take responsibility for uploaders who may have infringed on copyright or violated some other rules.

Tetradki means notepads, note-books, or just notes, in Russian.

Some posts come in two versions, English and Russian, some don't. Articles that have two versions are usually not straightforward translations, content is slightly different to take into account the interests of Russian and English audience. If you want to republish any of the posts or commission a translation from Russian into English or from English into Russian, please contact the author-publisher.

To read "Тетрадки. Европейское книжное обозрение", the Russian language version of this blog, please click here.

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