Thursday, May 29, 2014, Official.

This news came a while ago. I have checked the website today and seems to be an impressive piece of work with 'official' full texts of his huge body of work with commentary. It appears to be largely based on the 90 volume Anniversary edition of Tolstoy's collected works that came out in the Soviet Union around 1928, the 100th anniversary of the writer's birth. The site also features news on conferences and seminars related to Tolstoy and his legacy.

Here is what RIA Novosti says about the project:

“We wanted to come up with an official website that will contain academically justified information,” said Fyokla Tolstaya, the writer’s great-great-granddaughter, who works at Moscow’s Tolstoy museum. “Nowadays, it’s very important [to know] who posts information online.”
All of his novels, short stories, fairy tales, essays and personal letters will be available online for free and be downloadable in PDF, FB2 and EPUB formats, recognized by most e-book readers and computers, she said.
Tolstoy’s works were part of the obligatory high-school curriculum in the Soviet Union and Russia. Generations of Russian students have had to read the more than 800-page “War and Peace” – with boys preferring the war and girls the peace, according to a popular saying.

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