Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Tapestry. John Lott.

John Lott.

The Tapestry is a new poem by John Lott, which didn't quite make it into his latest poetry volume 'Winter Beach' (2017, WebVivant Press). Perhaps, a 'Summer Beach' poetry is in the works and 'The Tapestry' will fit well in there. 

John's poems are written to be heard as well as read. In fact, he records and releases them on discs. 

From all points of the compass,
They come to the Plaza,
The hub and the heart of the city.
Here they meet, mix and mingle,
In a kaleidoscope of colour.
Pacing medieval, marble flagstones
Bearing the ghostly footprints of long-forgotten fashions. 
They are embraced by structures hallowed by history 
And architecture mellowed by time. 
Through the centuries, they have come
To see, to sell, to learn and to love
And the square has become a microcosm of the known universe.
Where the complexities of cultures, colours and creeds 
Combine as one.
In their wake, each draws a thread.
A thread coloured by their origin, their ethnicity
Their aspirations, needs and fears
And as their paths cross, so do their threads,
Creating a warp and a weft which weaves the tapestry
That we call

'The Winter Beach' by John Lott is available on major book selling sites and on the publisher's site WebVivant Press. John Lott's profile is also on WebVivant Press website.

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