Friday, June 30, 2017

Porque te vas vs The Last Time

The happy times when cover versions freely roamed the world!

Here is the Soviet version of the international hit Porque te vas - Because You Go. It was released in the late 1970s (1978) by the group called Jolly Fellows (Весёлые ребята). The soloist is Lyudmilla Barykina (Людмила Барыкина).

In its time it was the hottest, sexiest number all over the vast Soviet Union. And those who, like myself, remember those times will have misty eyes while listening.

I put here two versions of the song. One, for the value of the contemporary film footage of young people dancing away, and the second, for the photos of Barykina, who sports an Angela Davis afro in some.

The lyrics in Russian, by Vladimir Lugovoy (Владимир Луговой) run, roughly, as follows: 'Time will pass, and you'll forget all that was between us, that last time, that last time. No, I am no longer waiting for you, but know that I was in love then for the last time, the last time — posledniy raz.'

And here is the original hit by Jeanette (1976) — Porque te vas

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