Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blossom Bosom.

I am not sure if it's poetry but we've had a lovely April day with a bit of light rain. It is warm and a bit of sun. I was standing by the window and looking at the old apple tree. She has just started sprouting blossom.

Anyway, here it goes

Normandy Bosom.

It rains
when apple blossoms.
Apple tree blossom comes out, 
when it rains.

It rains, 
rain light and warm,
and the earthworm ploughs on,
on he ploughs.

Earth to earth, 
dust to dust.
Apple blossom, 
full bosom.

Full bosom,
dust settles on earth, 
and I lay 
my head now

on her bosom, 
as apple trees blossom,
yes, her bosom,
blossom, blossom.

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