Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Alexander Anichkin. iWork for Mac OSX book.

My book about the Apple Mac iWork productivity suite is coming out on 1 October 2012. Click on the cover image for the Amazon link.

Apple's iWork suite includes word processing, the graphic and page layout programme Pages, the spreadsheet application Numbers and the popular presentation maker Keynote.

The book mostly covers Pages, but the main tools, menus and techniques are the same for the other two programmes in the suite.

I have used iWork to produce a monthly glossy magazine for Normandy's English speakers, the Rendezvous, and a number of other publications. As work on the magazine progressed, I started jotting down technical solutions and design tricks. When these notes became too numerous to keep track of, I decided to turn them into a blog.  I Work in Pages, has grown to be very popular with Mac users and eventually I was approached to expand the blog into a book.

It's not a manual. In fact, I don't even think of it as technical. I think of it as a 'Renaissance exercise.' It is for those who, like myself,  enjoy discovering that it is possible to do what may have seemed impossible only yesterday - or even a few minutes ago.

The two strongest elements of the book are the design and production of print publications and using graphic tools in iWork to create sophisticated images without resorting to expensive, complex software. Much, if not most, of what is done in Photoshop, InDesign or Quark, can be easily done in iWork - for a fraction of the price. My book shows how.

The book is being published by PACKT Publishing, based in Birmingham, England, and Mumbai, India. It is dubbed as 'cookbook' because of the way its content is organised. Each technique is described step-by-step, just like a cookery recipe. The book is available for pre-ordering on the PACKT website.

The book will also be available on Kindle. For the Amazon Kindle link click on the image below.

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