Friday, March 02, 2012

Those Were the Days. Engelbert Goes to Eurovision.

Engelbert Humperdink has been selected to represent Britain at Eurovision. 
It is hoped that his experience will attract the audiences.
'It has become an annual television ritual: the UK’s humiliation at Eurovision.' writes the Telegraph. 'Boy bands, pop flops, rappers and a former X Factor finalist have all bid for glory, only to end up with egg on their faces and the ignominy of being beaten by an Israeli transsexual or a Finnish heavy metal act. This year, the brains behind the UK entry have taken a radical new direction.'

The UK Eurovision single is not yet released, but it is said to fit with the 75-year-old crooner's style. 

Here is his version of the Russian song Those Were the Days:

The Russian version of Tetradki runs a series of posts with Those Were the Days in different languages and versions, including Bonnie Tyler and Dolly Parton. Click here to see all the posts with Those Were the Days.

Original song was written by Boris Fomin with the words by Konstantin Podrevsky. It became an emigré hit in 1920s. In 1960s American Gene Raskin wrote English lyrics to the Russian music. The song became an international hit in the 1968 version produced by Paul McCartney with the Welsh singer Mary Hopkin at Apple studios. And was newly discovered in Russia. 

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