Thursday, February 02, 2012

Groundhog Day


It's Groundhog Day today, 2 February.

Groundhog in Russian is сурок - surok. 

The European species of marmots are widely spread throughout Russia, Belorussia, Poland and Ukraine and in folklore are associated with deep sleep. One of the well-known idioms is спать как сурок – to sleep like a groundhog, meaning to sleep deeply.

When looking for translations of Russian idioms I recommend this resource: – Wiktionary. Sometimes there are explanatory articles with interpretations and parallel versions in other languages, sometimes not. If you work with wiki pages, please add your examples and explanations.   

The article on the groundhog is here.

The Russian version of this article alludes to the name of deputy prime-minister Vladislav Surkov, chief adviser to Premier Putin with a controversial reputation.

Groundhog photo: EIC, from here.

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