Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Je Fume: Support the Strike.

British workers are on strike today – because people are fuming over cuts and pension age hike.

Despite the massive anti-strike propaganda pre-strike opinion polls showed that 61 percent of the public support the industrial action. It is expected to be the largest industrial action since the 70s. Estimates say that around 2 million workers will be on strike today. Follow the events on Twitter with #strike or #november30 hashtags.

Here is what some of the tweets say today:
-Average female NHS worker's pension: £3,500. Average Managing Director's pension: £224,121. That's why we #strike.
-When we're all working at 70 with no NHS and a broken education system, at least we can say we saved the banks. #strike
-Gove says it's unfair for taxpayers to support hard-working public sector workers - but footing the bill for bankers is fine. #n30 #strike
-Disgusted by some of the lies being told about the strikers today. As a private sector company director I support #nov30 100%. #strike 

-Proud of my dad on strike today. Ashamed of this out of touch, millionaire filled government #strike #solidarity
-Today's #strike will 'cripple the economy' but the bank holiday for the royal wedding was fine and dandy? Aye right! #priorities 
-School is closed. Some people not happy because the #strike is disruptive.... That's the whole point of a strike! Will take boy to toddler... [group]

I thought of posting a working class protest song, but then remebered Edith Piaf's 'Je fume' (I smoke). It's a love song with the refrain that goes 'I don't want to work, I don't want to lunch – and then I smoke'. Let's do a little fuming at what's going on:


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