Sunday, July 03, 2011

Patti Smith's Just Kids in Russian

Patti Smith's award winning memoir Just Kids is out in Russian.

Patti Smith has a loyal following in Russia and the former Soviet Union countries. As a 70s teenager myself I remember how puzzled we were at first with the new punk sound, then excited with the whole movement. I think the phenomenal growth of Russian rock music in the 80s was influenced by Patti Smith’s sound.

The book was translated by Svetlana Silakova. Here is what she says in an interview about the book:
It is, first of all, a woman’s view of the 60s and 70s in America. With details and atmosphere. With cinematographic clearness. With myths, admittedly, but who cares, it is a kind of mythology that is very personal and without a commercial underlay. Secondly, it is a shining love story, the story of a young love, a love of two people for each other and for Art. And in Patti’s narrative it is a love that is eternal. Third, it is interesting to compare her experiences with that of the Soviet people of the same age. There is of course an element of ‘children should know how their fathers fought’ – with a dash of ‘while you were partying there, the power has changed’. In one of her interviews Patti complains that there is no longer a New York that she knew.

Патти Смит, "Просто дети",
Astrel, Corpus, 2011,
ISBN 978-5-271-34418-3

Here is Patti with one of her best known songs, Because the Night:


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