Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Militera, an excellent Russian resource

I'd like to recommend a comprehensive Russian resource on military literature – "Военная литература" or Militera. Their home page is here.

The site is in Russian, but if you are a student of Russian history or enjoy reading in Russian, do bookmark, note down or otherwise remember it.

Militera has full texts of practically all Russian books on the second world war, fiction and non-fiction, biographies, memoires, academic studies, novels and poetry. Texts are indexed alphabetically by the author and by the subject (prose, poetry, military history etc.). There is a forum where questions can be posted. Most of the material covers the last war, the Great Patriotic war, as it is known in Russia, which is only natural for the nation that lost 27 million people during 1941-1945.

I found there the full text of Simonov's epic The Living and the Dead and Grossman's Life and Fate. It was a pleasure to see there good Russian translations of my favourite historical books: Antony Beevor's Stalingrad and especially Berlin, which caused some contorversy in Russia; Stephen Ambrose's D-Day and Eisenhower; and Barbara Tuchman's  The Guns of August.

The site is well-maintained and nicely laid out.

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