Sunday, January 16, 2011

Russia Today Launches Literary Page

This post in Russian
Russia Today, the 24-hour English language news and features TV channel, Moscow, and the New York literary journal Cardinal Points  ("Стороны света") have launched a collaborative project providing, on RT website, links to translations and respective essays from the American journal.

It means that their work becomes accessible to a much broader readership.

Cardinal Points publishes poetry, fiction, novels, translations, visual art, and interviews. The journal now has Russian and English versions. It is an important forum for writers and translators working with Russian language and for anyone interested in Russian culture and literature. The new project is welcome news.

This is what the editors of Cardinal Points have to say:

We established our mission of bringing Russian literature, and Russian culture in general, a bit closer to English readership. We strive to turn it from a luminous, revered, but alas, a distant star – into a pulsating, live, and real entity that, despite linguistic limitations, can become a significant part of one's life.

It is for this reason that we place such a strong emphasis on the The Art of Translation section. (There is a similar section that exists in our Russian version).

However, the journal is not entirely "Russian." We believe that the choir of poets, translators, and writers with a non-Russian focus makes Cardinal Points ever more alive, more real, and more appealing. Literature after all is not an archipelago, but rather one huge continent.


caaya said...

Thanks for this great piece of news, qui me réjouit !

Jamie Olson said...

Wow, I hadn't heard about this. Cardinal Points has really been doing some great stuff. Thanks for writing the post!

Alexander Anichkin said...

thanks for the comment, Jamie.
I love the passion and dedication Cardinal Points demonstrate. I think they (Irina Mashinsky and Oleg Woolfe) need all the encouragement and support that anyone interested in Russian culture and language can provide.
Russia Today may be derided as Kremlin's propaganda implement, but they are broader than just propaganda.

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