Monday, January 03, 2011

Adam and Eve. A Take on Clothes.

The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden
1425, fresco,
before and after the restoration

Wendy Cope's anthology 'The Funny Side. 101 Humorous poems' 
is an endless source of enjoyment. I've already translated several poems from the book into Russian. (Going to the Dogs and On Going to Meet a Zen Master in Kyushu Mountains and Not Finding Him)

Here are two versions of another favourite by D.J. Enright. I can't decide which one is better. 


'Why didn't we think of  clothes before?'
Asked Adam,
Removing Eve's.

'Why did we ever think of clothes?'
Asked Eve,
Laundering Adam's.

(version one)


"Как мы раньше не придумали одежду?" –
Спросил Адам, 
Снимая евову.

"Как мы только придумали одежду?" –
Спросила Ева, 
Стирая адамову.

(version two)

"Как же мы раньше не додумались до одежды?" –
Спросил Адам, 
Раздевая Еву.

"Как же мы только додумались до одежды?" –
Спросила Ева, 
Стирая бельё Адаму.

(Translation ©A.Anichkin, 2010)

(D. J. Enright, from Paradise Illustrated: A Sequence)

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Do a search: The First Scandal Adam and Eve.

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