Thursday, May 13, 2010

A, B and KGB

I blogged recently about the rhyme based on Chapayev. I have also tried to translate another rhymed riddle.

A and B sat on the wall.
A, then B had a great fall.
Who's the last one on the wall?

answer: AND!

(in Russian)
А и Б сидели на трубе
А упало,
Б пропало.
Кто остался на трубе?
Ответ: И

For the translation I used the Humpty-Dumpty pattern. It's not in the original. The rhyme was well received, but reall roars of laughter were after the 'political' version of the same rhyme. In Soviet times they circulated parallel to each other. Here is how it goes.

High on the chimney were A and B
A fell down.
B taken out.
AND was the one from KGB.

(in Russian)
А и Б сидели на трубе.
А упало,
Б пропало.
И работал в КГБ.

Please read the Russian version of this post here.

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