Saturday, February 20, 2010

Address Unknown, Kressman Taylor

BBC's Radio 4 broadcast an adaptation of 'Address Unknown.', one of the best anti-fascist stories ever written. (the play is available on 'listen again' for a few more days). The work by American Kressman Taylor is also a rare case of the same book becoming an international best-seller twice, with a time gap of fifty years  first in 1930s and then again in the late 1990-s.   

Radio play is by Tim Dee, main characters are played by Henry Goodman and Patrick Malahide, backed by wonderful music by Russian Alfred Schnitke.

If you don't know the story, please don't read the synopsis below before listening - or reading.

Two friends, fine-art agents and business associates in San Francisco, exchange letters. One is an American German Jew, the other an American German who, excited and energised by the new Germany of the 1930s, has gone home. Attitudes harden with the seemingly inexorable rise of Hitler, the Jew horrified by the change in his friend and his wholesale adoption of the rhetoric and ideology of Nazism.
The German refuses to help his friend's sister pursued by storm-trooopers despite desperate pleas from him. Some time later the German begins to receive a string of strange letters from his Jewish relatives in America... Until one returns to the sender with the stamp 'Adressat unbekannt' - 'addresee unknown'.

Please read Russian post about 'Address Unknown' here.

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