Saturday, January 23, 2010

Anna Politkovskaya remembered by her sister

Anna Politkovskaya's name has become an epitome for journalistic courage and integrity. 

BBC's Radio 4 Saturday Live programme today featured an interview with Elena Kudimova, sister of Anna Politkovskaya (photo by Tatyana Zelenskaya), the Russian investigative reporter murdered in 2006. The murder is reported to be linked to Anna's articles on Chechnya.  The trial of a group of men suspected of carrying out the assasination is stalled.

The interview can be heard through Radio 4's Listen Again feature (slide to 11th min. into the Saturday Live).

Nothing But the Truth: Selected Dispatches, a book of Anna Politkovskaya's collected articles, comes out at the end of January in Harvill & Secker.

The publishers' release says, in part:

Until her murder in October 2006, Anna Politkovskaya wrote for the Russian newspaper Novaya gazeta. She won international fame for her reporting on the Chechen wars and, more generally, on Russian state corruption. Nothing but the Truth is a defining collection of Anna Politkovskaya’s best writing for Novaya gazeta, published between 1999 and 2006.

Elsewhere are illuminating accounts of interviews and encounters with western leaders including Lionel Jospin, Tony Blair, George W. Bush, and exiled figures including Boris Berezovsky, Akhmed Zakaev, and Vladimir Bukovsky. Her non-political writing is also represented here, revealing her delightful personality, as are international reactions to her murder.

Nothing but the Truth will also stand as a tribute to Anna Politkovskaya’s matter-of-fact personal courage, disclosing information glossed over or omitted completely about the dangers she faced and the threats she received in the course of her work. It is a lasting and inspiring book from one of the great reporters of our age.

Politkovskaya is commemorated in the Reporters Memorial in the Normandy town of Bayeux. The memorial there lists hundreds of journalists who died after the second world war.

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