Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Vatican Rag, or Selling Indulgences to the English

The Church of England is upset by the Pope's sneaky inivitation to English protestants to switch to catholicism. 

The bone of contention within the Anglican Church seems to be the imminent decision to allow women bishops in the Church. It may seem ridiculous to non-religious people, but the protestant drift towards common sense and common decency, still stirs emotions among the hard-liners who, this is my opinion now, are simply too scared to talk to God themselves and rather have the Pope and a few other robed celibate men to do that for them.

I was a little boy when I lived with my parents in New York in the 60-s and I am not sure if they really took me to Tom Lehrer's concerts. What I do remember clearly from those days is his Vatican Rag. Many years, scandals and a Dan Brown book, which outsells the Bible, later I would like to republish here a remastered video of Tom Lehrer performing the Vatican Rag. 

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