Friday, October 02, 2009

The Sun supports Labour, or Who runs Britain

The Sun newspaper, the biggest selling British tabloid, announced recently that it switches its support from Labour to Conservative party. In 1997 the Sun's decision to support Labour was seen as a major turning point in Tony Blair's New Labour campaign to stop Conservatives' ruling streak which had begun with Margaret Thatcher's victory in 1979. This time Labour is trying to dismiss the Sun as a paper whose readers are not interested in politics.

TV series Yes, Prime Minister,  a satirical take on British politics ran all through the 80-s. In this episode Prime Minister Jim Hacker explains to his aides Sir Humphrey and Bernard the importance of the papers and who reads which one. You will see that in those days the Sun, famous for its Page 3 full page photos of topless girls, wasn't regarded very high too.

Bernard closes the scene with his famous quip 'they don't care who runs the country so long as she has bit tits'. Another colloquial word for this vital part of human anatomy is 'boobs'. But what is the difference between tits and boobs?  I am told that tits is menspeak and boobs is women's. Is that correct?

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Stuart said...

As an American - but a long time away from home - I would say that most women in the USA would never, until recently, say either "tits" (USA and GB) or "boobs" (originally only USA, I think), but rather "breasts".

Both tits and boobs were originally men's words. In the past 10 -15 years or so, I've read articles by women in which they use the word "boobs", which sounds more jocular than the brusk "tits".

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