Monday, April 06, 2009

Karl Marx Superstar

1 апреля 09

Just before the G-20 summit in London a British t-shirt design company called T-34 Limited (web: reported that Karl Marx had become its top-selling superstar. The picture of the founder of Marxism and the workers Internationale apparently is off a Soviet-period poster, but the original slogan says: 'I warned you this would happen'. Endearingly, the script copies CoW period stylisation of Cyrillic alphabet, including the flipped R making it look like the Russian letter Ya.

Redmolotovs are famous for their 'manifesto' designs, some simply geeky, but many snapping at the heels of people and events in the headlines.

T-34 was the Soviet main battle tank during WWII - as famous as the Katyusha rocket launcher. They say it took three T-34s to dispose of one German Tiger panzer, but for one Tiger produced by the Germans, the Russians made 10 T-34s.
Molotov was the Soviet foreign minister under Stalin. Molotov cocktail is nicknamed after him, probably because it was first widely employed by badly armed Russians opposing the advance of the German armour in 1941.
G-20 summit is a great photo opportunity for lesser known politicians or politicians in trouble. If in doubt check out their web-site londonsummit or G-20
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